Gruppo Ciccotti is engaged in the Civil and Industrial field in the Specialized Construction sector: design, supply and assembly of Metal Carpentry, Windows and Coatings, Interior Design.
A Reality that stems from a long family tradition.

A Project developed to offer a tout court service to its Customers.

An art capable of combining the use of avant-garde tools with the skillful hands of the craftsman.

It was the years after the Second World War when Domenico Ciccotti, born in 1920, began his activity as an Iron Craftsman. Years in which “Hands” were the tools that could bring to life unique artifacts. An art, that of the know-how, handed down to his son Paolo who, thanks to a visionary and outside the box approach, started with his wife Rosina a progressive process of industrialization, opening up to different sectors in the world of metalworking.

The first machines for aluminium sheet and window processing, in a workshop of 80 square meters. Paolo recalls with irony: “when I had to work a beam from one side to the other and it was raining outside, when I turned it around it was wet”.

The 90s represent the time when the entrepreneurial activity was most intensively developed. Works were carried out inside Airports, Places of Worship and Institutional Buildings.

In the year 2000, the Ciccotti Group's production plant and Headquarters, were opened on a 5,000 m2 surface, in the industrial area of San Cesareo, just outside Rome. With the addition of the sons Fabrizio and Lorenzo, the Company benefits from new life, being able to rely on a precious balance between experience and dynamic projection in a future ever more present.

The key factor is the human value that is at the heart of the Company's evolution process. Updating e Educating the staff, a constant internal confrontation, the use of instruments always in line with technological progress, allow the Ciccotti Group to achieve high performance objectives.

Gruppo Ciccotti
“ A Family History, a History of Valor ”

“ We enter the Void to fill it with Space ”


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